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Maccabi Volleyball

 Maccabi Volleyball         


Brazil Results!!

12th Pan-American USA Maccabi Men’s Indoor Volleyball Team:


Head of Delegation: Sandy Kleinberg & Jeff Kotalik
Head Coach: Sam Shweisky
Assistant Coach: Steve Carlat 

Ori Oren

Ross Rosner

Dan Latinsky          

Andrew Brown                 Gold Medal Point!

Casey Fullman

Chase Klein

Ross Lehrman 

Dan Newman                    GOLD MEDAL


12th Pan-American USA Maccabi Women’s Indoor Volleyball Team:


Head of Delegation: Sandy Kleinberg & Jeff Kotalik
Head Coach: Steve Carlat
Assistant Coach: Sam Shweisky

Yael Einhorn

Sydney Gebroe               Women’s VB recap

Cory Salzer

Zoe Kreitenberg

Julie Wolfe

Shayne Werber

Talia Byck

Natalie Berkowitz

Claire Blumenthal

Ali Mayer                          SILVER MEDAL 


After having played in Israel in 2001 and 2005 as well as Argentina in 2007, this Maccabi experience was by far the most rewarding. Getting to coach alongside my first Maccabi Coach (Steve Carlat) was an awesome experience. I learned so much from him in a short time about volleyball and life, it was amazing. Both the men’s and women’s volleyball teams worked extremely hard and played inspired volleyball. Winning a silver medal with the women and a gold medal with the men was an outstanding achievement. Being down 14-12 in the 5th set and coming back to beat Brazil for the Gold medal with the men was the highlight of the trip. I am so very proud of both teams! – Sam Shweisky